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NSWCIS Awards have been designed to recognise the outstanding sporting achievements, exceptional commitment and dedication of students and staff involved in CIS Sports. 

It encompasses a wide range of sports and follows students through Primary and Secondary schooling. 

The  CIS year culminates in the NSWCISSC Awards Presentation Evening held in February of the following year.    All Red and Blue Awardees and  our Outstanding Primary and Secondary Teams are invited to this dinner.

The CIS Awards Evening for 2017,  celebrating the sporting achievements of students from independent schools is to be held on Friday February 16, 2018 at Waterview Restaurant , Bicentennial Park, Bicentennial Drive, Sydney Olympic Park. 

CIS Blue Award winners 1996 - 2016

CIS Red Award Winners 1996 - 2016

CIS Team of the Year Award Winners  1996 - 2016

CIS All Round Sporting Award Winners  Discontinued 2002

Major Award Winners 2016

Congratulations to all our Award winners and in particular those that won Major Awards which are listed below

Primary Team of the Year
Boys AFL

Secondary Team of the Year
Girls Football

Outstanding Primary Contribution
William Tanner, Saint Ignatius College

 Outstanding Secondary Contribution
Mikayla Hinkely , Penrith Anglican College

The CATHY PARKES Award - Outstanding Staff Contribution
Jessica Day, Scone Grammar School

The KATE BAILEY Award - Outstanding Sportsperson with a Disability
Julie Charlton, The Hills Grammar School
The DA WIBURD Award - Outstanding Boy -  Primary Sport
Jeremy Jin , The McDonald College
The VM MEDWAY Award - Outstanding Girl - Primary Sport
Imogen Stewart, Danebank An Anglican School for Girls
The MJ  PUNCH Award - Outstanding Individual Sportsman
Makauach Maluach, Newington College
The Jeanette Buckham Award - Outstanding Individual Sportswoman
Remy Siemsen  Oxford Falls Grammar School

List of CIS Primary Medallion, Reds and Team of the Year 2015

List of Secondary Medallion, Blue and Blue Bars and Secondary Team of the Year 2014

List of 2013 Medallion, Red and Blue Award Winners 

Award Nominations 2017

Award Nominations Due

Award nominations can be completed by convenors throughout the year in the Convenor Team Management Area as students progress through the pathway. 

All Award Nominations should be completed by Monday 11 December 2017

Award Types

The main awards medallions , Reds and Blues are nominated by the CIS Sport Convenor who follows their sport through to the School Sport Australia (SSA) level.

Medallions - Awarded to students that represent either the NSWPSSA  (primary level) or NSW All Schools (secondary level) at SSA. These awards are sent to the school for presentation in appropriate assembly.

Reds - Are awarded to primary students that perform at an exceptional level at the SSA Championships and

Blues - Are Awarded to secondary students that perform at an exceptional level at the SSA Championships. 

These  Reds / Blues are prestigious awards with generally only 2 presented per gender per sport in any year to students that have performed exceptionally at the National level  

For a full outline of  CIS Awards refer to the  CIS Awards Criteria

Archive Powerpoints

Awards Evening 2012

Awards Evening 2013

Awards Evening 2014

Awards Evening 2015