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To access the CIS Sporting pathway nominations are submitted via the school or member sports association, generally on line. There are a number of nomination forms used, they can be accessed via links on the relevant sports page. The Player and Officials Nominations Forms applicable to each sport have been loaded on each Sport Page.

Online Nomination Procedure for Individual and Association Team Nominations for Representative Sport
Nominations are only accepted with school approval and to submit a nomination the teacher, association representative will be required to sign up / login to the AIS website.
1. Before submitting any nomination form details of requirements in respect of the sport and general NSWCIS guidelines in respect of nominations must be read.

2. Before submitting an Individual Player Nomination form permission must have been obtained from the student’s principal and their parents/guardian for the student to attend the trial.

3. NSWCIS member associations submitting Team Lists on behalf of students must adhere to the above ensuring, permission is granted by Parents and Principals to attend trials and that they have been informed of all details pertaining to the trials.

4. Where a student has been selected as part of an association team they will be entered by the Association as a team; there is no need to fill in an individual form.

5. Where an association is not entering a team in an Association based Gala Day, up to 3 individual nominations from that Association will be accepted, provided there is an active member on the Sport Sub - committee These nominations can be submitted as a Partial Team nomination on the Association Team List Nomination Form by the Association Delegate or Association Representative for that sport
6.  Staff will be able to view their nominations and any submitted from their school on the My Nominations page under My Profile when they are logged into the AIS / CIS website.  Teachers will also be able to edit their nominations up until Nominations Close.
6. The student’s nomination fee for the particular sport trial will be invoiced to the school’s NSWCIS member association at the end of each term. In 2018 this fee will be $24.30
7. Late nominations will not be accepted. Should you be experiencing difficulty submitting your nomination please contact CIS on Ph. 9299 2845 BEFORE THE CLOSE OF NOMINATIONS.
8. Any student nominated to attend a CIS trial, that does not attend will be charged the nomination fee unless the convenor is contacted prior to the commencement of the trial.
11. Any nominee selected to a NSWCIS team must be available for PSSA/ All Schools Championships in the particular sport. Withdrawal after selection for reasons not considered satisfactory by the Sport Convenor may incur a fine to cover any loss by NSWCIS incurred by alternate arrangements.
12. Any student selected to a NSWCIS team who does not wish to be considered for state selection must notify the Sport Convenor prior to PSSA/All Schools Championships.

 Refer to the Operational Guidelines for detailed information on CIS Nomination Guidelines and Procedure.

 Operational Guidelines can be found here

 Refer to the CIS Pathway Age Group and Team Size Document for eligibility details for each sport. This document can be found her​e
1. Individual Player/ Official Nomination Form
• To be submitted by the school
• Generally there is a limit of three per school unless otherwise
   specified on the relevant sports page.
N.B  Student Officials - In most sports there is a pathway for secondary students wishing to represent their Association, CIS and NSW as an official. Generally this pathway is associated with the CIS Primary team competing at NSWPSSA , and then the PSSA team at Nationals, although there are a few exceptions e.g. Softball. Refer to the relevant sport page for further details or contact the relevant CIS Sport Convenor.
When nominating secondary students who wish to access the official’s pathway teachers should be careful to select the appropriate option under “Student trialling as” on the Players Individual Nomination Form
2. Association Team Entry/Team List Forms - These are the same form.
If asked for an  (a) Association Team Entry then the Association delegate or Association elected Committee member will nominate  a team/teams by the Team Entry Date
Then when the  (b) Team List  is required the same delegate will go to My Nominations and accessing this same form will enter the team players
a. Association Team Entry - indicates the intention of an Association to enter a team in a Gala Day.
• To be submitted by the association delegate or association representative for that sport.
b. Association Team List Form - names the team members, their schools, player positions and other relevant information required by a particular sport
• To be submitted by the association delegate or association representative for that sport.
• Where an association is not entering a team up to 3 individual nominations will be accepted provided the association has an active member on the sub-committee.  This must be submitted on the Association Team list Form
Changes to an Association Team List can be made by the person submitting the nomination up until Nominations Close.
• to be submitted by the association delegate or association representative for that sport.
• to be used where injury forces a withdrawal after nominations have closed. There is no change in the number in the team/squad.
This is not an online form but should be emailed or faxed to the relevant CIS Sport Convenor and CIS.
Sports Specific Nominations Forms
There are a number of sports specific nomination forms including
1.  Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country - Meet Manager Team Entry Forms; Additional Event Nomination Forms and NSW All Schools Withdrawal Forms
     1.1 Additional Event Nominations Forms – to be used for events that are not conducted at the CIS Championship but for which CIS enters a competitor at the next level ie NSWPSSA or NSW All Schools

Triathlon - Individual Entry Form and School Team Entry Form


All Forms can be found under the heading Nominations on the relevant Sports Page.


1. Convenors 2019 Nomination Form - can be found here. Nomination close on Friday 19 October.
2. Staff Officials Nomination Form – This is for all teachers wishing to nominate as a coach or manager for a CIS Team, including major events.   Nominations for Team Management positions are due on Friday 2 February 2018 for all sports.
The Staff Official Nomination Form can be found on the right hand side of the relevant sports page
3. Association Committee Commitment Form – Online - Click on the "Nominate yourself as a committee member"on the right hand side of the  relevant sports page  
This form to be submitted by staff nominated to be their association representative on a CIS Sport Sub – Committees.  This form is due by Friday 9 February 2018 for all sports.
4. Swimming Primary and Secondary - Official Duties – to be submitted by Association Delegates.   The form can be found Under Related Documents on the relevant sports page. 
5. Athletics Primary and Secondary – Official Duties – to be submitted by Association Delegates. The form can be found Under Related Documents on the relevant sports page.
These forms indicate the number of officials required by each association to conduct the CIS Championships.   The forms can be found on the relevant sports page under Related Documents
Officials Pathway Forms -  for Staff wishing to coach/manage etc NSWPSSA or NSW All Schools Teams
The NSWPSSA Team Official Nomination form  is  on the School Sport Unit website and must be submitted online by Friday 28 September, 2018 for positions in 2019. Team officials for 2018 have already been appointed.  NSWPSSA Team Official Nomination Form
NSW All Schools Official Nomination Form for coach/managers of 2018 NSW All Schools teams is due on Friday 9 February. The form can be accessed here​