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CIS Secondary Open Boys Tennis Nominations Close

Closes Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Nomination Eligibility
18 Years & Under as at 31/12/YOC

General Nomination Information
All nominations must be submitted on line.
  • No late nominations will be accepted.
  • If you are having trouble with your nomination contact CIS before nominations close.
  • Cost - $24.30 per player charged via Sports Association and school.

  • Method Nomination
    Associations are invited to enter a Team of players as follows-


  • Associations may nominate a maximum of 8 players which may not be comprised of more than 3 per school

    • Of these nominations AICES, CAS, CSSA, GPS, ISA have 6 automatic acceptances (per gender) and NCIS and RAS 1 automatic acceptance (per gender).
    • The maximum number of entries in the Open Tennis Championships is 40 . This will be made up of a number of automatic acceptances from each association with the remaining places being filled by the next best players across all associations. This will be determined by the Tennis Committee
    • Those students not in an associations' automatic acceptances will be notified of their acceptance or otherwise via their schools by their Association Delegate by Wednesday 14th February. In addition a full list of acceptances will be available on the website.
    • Students selected to attend the trial who subsequently wish to withdraw must notify the convenor by Friday 16th  February. Failure to do so will incur a fine of $50.
    • Each association will need to bring to the sub committee meeting/teleconference:
      • a copy of their associations 6 automatic acceptances IN ORDER OF RANKING
      • a list of other nominations IN RANKED ORDER
    • Nominations must come in on the Association Team List Entry Form.
      When listing your team please ensure that the details for each student are entered correctly, particularly the date of birth.
      Changes can be made to the team list until Nominations close.
      Should you need to replace a player due to injury after this point in time an Association Team  Injury Replacement form should be emailed /faxed to CIS and the CIS Boys Tennis Convenor. This form can be found in Related Documents on this page.

      Check your nominations - Go to my Nominations to see students that you have nominated to CIS.

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