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CIS Secondary Swimming Additional Event Nominations Close

Closes Friday, 23 March 2018

Nomination Eligibility
Nominees must be Secondary students aged 12-19 years as at 31/12 in the year of competition

General Nomination Information

No late nominations will be accepted

In 2018 nominations for the additional events, as listed below, will be entered online to CIS - due on Friday 23 March. Association delegates responsible for their Swimming entries, please ensure that students wishing to nominate for these events are aware they must give their sports co-ordinator their verified Swimming NSW times, achieved in the last 6 months (Oct 2017- March 2018) to enable nomination for these events
Please note nominees may only be nominated to swim in their own age group- age as taken as at 31/12/18

  • Open Boys 1500m, Open Girls 1500m 
  • Open Boys  800m,  Open Girls  800m
  • Junior Boys (12-14) 400m Freestyle, Junior Girls (12-14) 400m Freestyle
  • Intermediate Boys (15-16) 400m Freestyle, Intermediate Girls (15-16) 400m Freestyle
  • Senior Boys (17-19) 400m Freestyle, Senior Girls (17-19) 400m Freestyle
  • Junior Boys (12-14) 400m IM, Junior Girls (12-14) 400m IM
  • Intermediate Boys (15-16) 400m IM, Intermediate Girls (15-16) 400m IM
  • Senior Boys (17-19) 400m IM, Senior Girls (17-19) 400m IM

These nominations are for events NOT SWUM at CIS - they are nominations for events to be swum at All Schools   

While there is no restriction on the number of nominations schools may submit for these additional events ...Please note that only 3 per gender will be selected for the 400 metres Freestyle & for the 400m IM per age grouping and only one per gender for the 1500m and the 800m

As 1500m events are rarely provided at most meets for girls please contact CIS if one of the students wishing to nominate for this event has been unable to achieve a verified 1500m time in the last 6 months. N.B. If we have a student with a verified 1500m time they will be given preference over a converted time.

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