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CIS Primary Boys Football Association Team Lists Due

Closes Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Nomination Eligibility
Open Primary - Generally students in Years 5 & 6

General Nomination Information
  • Association Team List to be submitted listing those students selected to attend the trials.
  • All Entries must be submitted on line
  • If a player withdraws from the trial without contacting the convenor prior to the event they will still be charged the Sport Nomination Fee
  • If you are having trouble with your nomination contact CIS before nominations close
  • COST: $24.30 per nomination. Nomination fees will be invoiced via the Sports Association and school.
  • Check your Nomination has been Received
    Once submitted please check your “My Nominations” area which can be found when you are logged into the website in the drop down menu under “My Profile.” If you cannot see the nomination here it has not been received by CIS. Try again or contact CIS.
  • Encourage parents to check that their son has been entered by using the "Check Nominations" on the Left Hand Menu of the CIS Web Page.   If this is used correctly it is a great safeguard to support busy teachers and ensure that someone is not accidently overlooked. 

Method Nomination

The Association Team Entry/ List Form can be found on the right hand side of the Primary Boys Football home page. It is divided into 2 sections.   The First section or Association Team Entry or Partial Team Entry should already have been submitted, the Association Team List is due by this date.
ASSOCIATION TEAM LIST:  The second section of this form involves listing all team members that will be attending the Gala Day.   You will need to supply the following information:

Name:  please ensure you use the correct spelling


Date of Birth: please ensure that this is correct

Preferred Positions:
Should you have changes due to injury after the closing date, please complete the Association Team Replacement Form loaded on the Primary Boys Football page of the website under Related Documents.

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