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CIS Secondary Swimming Association Team Lists Due

Closes Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Nomination Eligibility
Secondary Students only

General Nomination Information

Three Entries per association for all events including the All Age Relay with the following variations...

i) Please note that in the case of the 50m (all strokes) and 100m Freestyle 17 & Over events Associations may enter 3 x 17 Yrs and 3 x 18-19 yrs competitors as these are combined age events, however only the 3 fastest times will be selected to the CIS team for the All Schools

Association Entries must be submitted in the

1. MM 5.0 Database downloadable from this page under related documents

Competitors must compete in their own age group. Competitors entered in any Open event may only enter other Open events or their respective age grouping in the case of Senior/Intermediate /Junior events. The age is taken as at 31/12/2018 i.e. the age the competitor turns in 2018
Please ensure all Dates of Birth and Year Groups are entered and correct spelling for each student so they may legally have times verified by Swimming NSW

Meet Manager Files have schools entered with their respective code- please ensure you use the correct CIS code.
If an Association member school is not listed in the teams please contact CIS.

Cost - $24.30 per competitor charged via the sports association and school.

No late Nominations will be accept

Method Nomination

Association team Lists must be submitted through Meet Manager

•Withdrawals - Each association is responsible for their own replacement but this information must be provided to the recorders 15 minutes prior to the race to avoid disqualification.

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