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CIS Secondary Girls Hockey 16 Years & Under Championships

Selection Outline

Pennant Hills Park
Britannia Street

Event Date:
Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Trial Time
8:00 - 3:30

Trial Format
Round Robin followed by Possibles vs Probables if required. Round Robin Draw will be available on the CIS Sports App prior to the event

There is parking available at the venue

First Aid
There will be a First Aid Official in attendance

All girls are to bring sticks, shin pads and properly fitted mouthguard and one ball each - all articles should be clearly named. Goalkeepers to bring their own/school gear.

Food & Drink
There will be a canteen available at the centre for sandwiches, drinks etc

 Students should bring their own water bottles

CIS Team
At the end of the selection trials up to 16 players will be named in the CIS Team. Selected students are to remain briefly to meet with team management and try on uniform. There will be some costs associated with competing at this level, a levy and the purchase of uniform. Students (16 years and under) selected in the NSWCIS Team will trial for the NSW All Schools Team. As a guide in 2017 if players needed to purchase all mandatory uniform items the cost was $100 plus a player levy (admin costs, officials costs, team entry) of $30 for the Championship.

Wet Weather
  • It is unlikely that wet weather will affect the trials however if in doubt check the website for Hockey Alerts
  • If it is wet and cold please make sure you have a change of clothing and some warm dry gear to put on

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