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CIS Primary Girls Hockey Trials

Selection Outline

Pennant Hills Park
Britannia Street

Event Date:
Monday, 14 May 2018

Trial Time
9am - 2pm

Trial Format
  • Skills and Games

  • Goalkeeper Skills

  • Students will be divided into groups for team game play. These teams will be a mix of Barbarian teams and Association teams as it is not a Gala Day and not all Associations are fully represented.

  • Parking is readily available at Pennant Hills Park

First Aid
  • A First Aid Officer will be in attendance
  • Emergency services will be called in the case of serious injury

  • All girls are to wear School Hockey or PE Uniform
  • All girls are to bring
    • Stick
    • shin pads
    • properly fitting mouthguard
    • ball
  • All gear should be clearly marked
  • Goalkeepers to bring own or correctly fitted school gear which should include suitable helmet with face guard, chest protector, groin protector, protective pads  and preferably gauntlet gloves
  • No hard peaked caps are to be worn

Food & Drink
  • The Canteen will be opened for this event at Pennant Hills Park  
  • Each girl should have their own clearly marked water bottle

CIS Team
  • The team of 13 will be announced at the completion of the trial
  • Girls selected will need to remain to receive instruction for uniform orders and information concerning the next pathway
  • Parents should download the CIS Primary Hockey App for quick access to all required information

Wet Weather
  • It is unlikely that wet weather will affect the trial but in the event of inclement weather. In the case of a storm involving lightening or hail the trial would discontinue till any danger passed.
  • In the case of severe weather conditions please check the website and a notification will be available via the App
App Store or Google Play 
Once downloaded enter the code

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