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CIS Primary Rugby Union Trial 3 - Team Selection

Selection Outline

David Phillips Field - UNSW3
Gwea Ave

Event Date:
Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Trial Time
10:00am - 12:00pm

Trial Format
Only those selected in the squad (from Trials 1 & 2) are invited back to attend Trial 3. Skills session followed by Possibles versus Probables match play. The CIS Primary Rugby Team will then be announced at the conclusion of the trial.

First Aid
Qualified First Aid Personnel will be in attendance at the trials. Players should bring strapping with them if required.  Students who use an asthma puffer or Epi-Pen should have them with them.   Students to provide their own sunscreen.

School shorts and socks. Jerseys will be provided. Students should bring their own personal protective gear eg mouthguard, shinpads, helmets.

Food & Drink
Players should provide their own snacks, lunch and water.

CIS Team
A CIS team will be announced at the conclusion of Trial 3.

Team Size: 22

These players are to remain briefly following the trial to speak with team management, try on uniform and deal with organisational matters. Please note that there are costs associated with competing at the next level including levy and uniform.  Approximate costs are Players Levy  - $150;  Mandatory Uniform Items - $315

This team will go on to compete at the NSWPSSA Rugby Championships to be held from 28-30 August in Coffs Harbour. 

There is a pathway at the primary level for talented secondary student rugby referees.   Student referees need to nominate to attend the primary trials as a referee, so that their proficiency to referee at the PSSA level can be assessed.  If selected the referee accompanies the CIS Primary Rugby Team to the PSSA Championships.  The pathway continues to the SSA Rugby Championships if a student referee is considered to be of an appropriate standard.

Wet Weather
In the unlikely event that the trials are postponed due to Wet Weather information will be posted on the website and on the on the primary sports app.

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