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CIS Secondary Girls Basketball Association Team Lists Due

Closes Thursday, 3 May 2018

General Nomination Information
ASSOCIATION TEAM LISTS DUE: Each Association entering a team in the Gala Day must submit the names , school and date of birth of all team members by this date . Please note an Association Entry Form has already been submitted.

To enter the team list, the person submitting the form must access the initial Association Team Entry. This is done through the website by going to My Profile and then clicking on My Nominations. Hit the edit button on the appropriate team entry form and you will be able to add all team members. Only one Association List / Entry Form will be accepted from each Association. Associations can enter any number of students up to a maximum of 10, provided they have an active member on the Sports Committee. Without an active member, associations are limited to a maximum of 3 entries.

Please ensure that the details for each student are entered correctly especially the date of birth.

Changes can be made to the team list until Nominations close. Should you need to replace a player due to injury after this point in time please email the Secondary Girls Basketball Convenor and CIS with Name, School, Association and date of birth of both the injured player and the replacement. This should be done using the Association Team Replacement Player Form.

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