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CIS Secondary Athletics Association Team List Due

Closes Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Nomination Eligibility
Students aged 19 Years & Under as at 31/12/ in the year of competition

General Nomination Information
  • Competitors may only compete in their own age group, with the exception of Relays which are Junior ( 14 & under) or Open - all ages. No Primary student may participate in these Championships
  • No individual nominations will be accepted, athletics is based on an Association Team Entry.
  • Multi-Class athlete entries are to be submitted with your Association Team Entry and INCLUDE THEIR CLASSIFICATION
  • Cost - $23.364 per competitor invoiced via Sports Association and school.

Method Nomination

1. Association Team Entry to be sent to CIS Team entries are to be made on one of the following files:

  • TFMM DB 5.0 or 6.0

TFMM 5.0 Back up which can be restored to 5.0 or 6.0 has been loaded on the website

Entry Levels
Associations may enter 3 competitors per event in both Track and Field with the exception of the Relays which is limited to 2 school based teams per association.


Multi-Class Athlete events - Associations may enter 3 x 15 & Under competitors + 3 x  16 & Over competitors

12 & 13 Yrs Triple Jump - Associations may enter 3 x 12 yrs & 3 x 13 Yrs

12 & 13 Yrs Javelin - Associations may enter 3 x 12 yrs & 3 x 13 Yrs

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