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CIS Primary Athletics Championships

Selection Outline

Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre

Event Date:
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Trial Time
9:00am - 3:00pm

Trial Format

Inter Association Championship

Track Events

100m - 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Years

200m, 800m - Junior, 11, 12/13 Years

4 x 100m Relay - Junior, Senior, Small School

Multi-Class (MC) Athlete - 100m, 200m, 800m Ambulant - 8-10 Years & 11 - 13 Years

Progression to the finals  -  Where heats are held finalists will be first 2 in each heat plus next 3 fastest

Finals of the 100m, 200m and relay will be seeded as lanes 4 5 6 7 (Fastest 4), 8 9 (5th & 6th Fastest), 123 (7th, 8th, 9th Fastest)

Field Events

Shot Put – Junior (2kg), 11 Years (2kg), 12/13 Years (3kg)

Discus – Junior (500gms), 11 Years (750gms), 12/13 Years (750gms)

Long Jump, High Jump - Junior, 11 Years, 12/13 Years

Multi-Class (MC) Athletes - Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump – 8-10 years, 11-13 Years;

For the following information go to Related Documents on this page:

* Program; *Competition Guidelines; * Field Map; * CIS Duties; * PSSA Duties; * Official Duties Guide * Risk Assessment

All competitors are asked to download the CIS Primary Athletics App prior to the trials. This will ensure that you have all the up to date information you need your sport and the trials. To access the App go to either the App store or Google Play and search for AISNSW, once downloaded enter the following event code:   paths17.

For windows phone or PC users, open any browser and go to / insert the event code.


Parking is $18 a day provided Ticket is validated.   Tickets validated at Reception.

Gates and Entry- Via the front or back gates from 7:30am. Nomination Fee includes entry. 

First Aid
Qualified first aid personnel will be in attendance. The First Aid room is under grandstand at end of 100m track.

Students who use asthma puffers or Epi-Pens should have them at the Championships.


Association athletics strip to be worn.

All competitors must wear footwear.

The maximum length of spikes used in track and long jump is 7mm. 9mm spikes may be used in high jump.


Food & Drink
Canteen facilities are available at the venue.

CIS Team
Generally athletes gaining first, second or third places at the CIS Primary Athletics Championships will be selected in the NSWCIS Primary Athletics Team to compete at the NSWPSSA. Championships. These students are required to report to the Uniform Room to register, receive information, pay the levy and purchase uniform. 

Reserves - Athletes placing 4th in an event are reserves for the CIS Team. These students are required to report to the Uniform Room to register, receive information, and size up for uniform in case they are called into the team.

N.B  8, 9 and 13 Year Olds although able to represent CIS at the NSWPSSA Championships are ineligible for selection in the NSWPSSA Team. Interstate competitions are played under the rules of the Australian Schools Sports Council. These rules state that the age limit of a competitor is 12 Years in the year of competition


To assist in ensuring that the carnival runs as efficiently as possible, associations can nominate staff to particular roles, so as to ensure we utilise any expertise we may have within our schools so that our carnivals are conducted as professionally as possible. Duties include all the field events, marshalls, check starters etc
Should you wish to nominate staff in this way please indicate their preference via email to by the end of Term 2.   This will enable adjustments to be made to the duties allocation sheet at this time .

CIS Primary Athletics Association Official Duties Allocation Form is Due on - Wednesday 30 August - return to The form has been loaded under Related Documents on this page.

It is the responsibility of each association to ensure all officials and student helpers as outlined in the Association Officials Duties Form are allocated and present at the carnival. THESE ARE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS. It is expected that officials running field events will be aware of their specific job and have had experience in conducting the event at the association level.

Teacher Officials: Where a teacher is listed on the form this must be a qualified teacher to fulfill the duty of care at each event. Requirements for teachers have been kept to a minimum so it is essential that those listed ARE teachers. Should an official fail to register at the beginning of the day it is the association's responsibility to find a replacement.

Students Helpers: These are essential for the smooth running of the carnival and their availability reduces the number of teachers required at the carnival. Associations must fulfill their student allocation. If students are unavailable adult helpers MUST be supplied.

Parent Officials: Please ensure that non teachers have completed a Working with Children check.

Please note :

Uniform Duty: Adults or senior students

Marshalls: Teachers

Field Event Officials: Association to ensure that teachers on these events are experienced enough to conduct the event efficiently and safely. Event Rules and Guidelines are loaded under Related Documents. A minimum of 4 people is required to conduct a field event - 2 adults, one of which must be a teacher and two students. If no students are available 4 adults including a teacher must be supplied. Associations that do not meet minimum requirements will be fined.

PSSA Official Duties: - Form is loaded under Related Documents

CIS to supply a minimum of 8 officials to the PSSA carnival. Officials are required to attend for both days of the Championships. Due Friday 15 September.

Wet Weather

The Primary Athletics Championships will be held regardless of the weather. Some events may be delayed or cancelled at the discretion of the Athletics committee if the nature of an event causes safety concerns in the rain.

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